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Animals have been around as long as us, maybe even longer. Unfortunately there comes a time when due to new development, people and animals begin to share the same space. This usually creates all kinds of problems for both the people and animals. Animals find was to break into buildings and do thousands of dollars' worth of damage, create a danger by the possibility of attacking a person or a pet, create a health danger due to urine and feces spread.

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Our state-of-the-art "Rodent Runway System" is the most effective and efficient way yet to exterminate both rats and mice in an attic. Rats and mice travel through the runway tubes because of their instinctive need to explore holes and openings. After all, that's how they find their way into your home. As they travel through the tubes, they are exposed to the rodenticide. Once exposed to the rodenticide, they will be gone in just a few short days. Our method is safe because No Roden Ticides ever come in contact with any part of your home because it is all contained within the tubes. Once the rats are gone, the tubes can safely be removed and disposed of.

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Haz-Mat insulation handling and/or removal is a procedure that should only be performed by an experienced company that are certified and specializes in this type of work. Prior to any insulation handling, all large organic debris (feces, partially eaten carcasses and/or dead animals should be removed and affected areas be thoroughly disinfected.

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Almost every inside animal problem could have been prevented if the building was properly animal-proofed (repairs to prevent animal entry to building. Unfortunately for home-owners, builders in Florida leave holes, openings and weak, vulnerable areas around the building that animals can just literately walk right into the building.

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We are total specialists in the art of safely trapping and removal of these animals from the property. The removal is fast and humane and we work with many non-profit organizations that rehabilitate and relocate the animals and reintroduce them back into the environment far from where people are living.

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